Events management

pull down the menu on the left, go to the IMMOPLUS section and scroll down general and click on events.
you can change your view by clicking on the icon in the rigth corner at the top of the calendar list.
when the event calendar  is displayed, click the + event button as shown below.
once the form is loaded, enter the event information and save.
once the calendar of the events is displayed, right click on the event to modify and click on modify.
once the form is loaded, click the edit button to activate the change and enter the new event information and save.
once the events calendar is displayed, right-click on the event you want to delete  and click delete.
confirm your action by clicking yes, delete.
you must change your mind to perform this action.
once the list of events is displayed in list mode
export the excel version by clicking export to excel.
export the PDF version by clicking on export to PDF.

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